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July 4. 2016

Question That Can’t Be Answered Without More Questions

My grandchildren are beautiful. Of course they are, they’re mine. Each one extremely talented and intelligent, with big brown eyes, gorgeous hair, and lovely skin color. They are also bi-racial. Black and white.

I was asked the question: Do you ever get negativity from people when you’re with your grandkids?

Here’s my answer.

Yes, and no. I have never been confronted by a bigot. No one has ever spoken to me in a derogatory manner. But…many times I have received “The Look”. The look that says “You let your child sleep with someone from another race? You’re disgusting and those children are abominations!”

Usually, I just turn and walk away. But if we are at an event, or in a store, we sometimes cross paths with that person several times. So I use MY look, the one that says. “You don’t like it? Walk away!” (Sometimes using different wording in my head.)

I get so frustrated with the human race! Why do supposedly intelligent people believe that hatred is a good thing? Where is it written that humans are supposed to hate? Not in my Bible. Not in other religious ideologies either. Love and be good to each other. THAT’S what they say. Oh there are rules for living, but hating others is not one of them. Intelligence notwithstanding, some people can’t read.

In fact, if I remember right there’s a concept that says you should treat other people the way you want to be treated. Did you know that every single religion and spiritual ideology on this planet believes this very thing? Every person who has had any religious training of any kind has been taught some form of the Golden Rule. So if you hate others do you want to be hated back?  Really???

I believe education is the answer. But, unfortunately, education works both ways. You can be taught to be prejudiced. Or you can be taught to be accepting. When did we begin teaching hatred? I realize that this all started centuries ago. Some human being decided that another human being did something bad to them, so they said “from now on you and everyone like you should be eliminated.” And instead of just internalizing it and dealing with it, they passed that concept on to their family and those human beings passed it on to another generation and another and on and on until today.

Will it ever end? Is Peace on Earth a fantasy? Will my grandchildren’s grandchildren see human beings as what they truly are – humans one and all? Fortunately, my kids are still young enough to not know what’s going on. But there will come a day when they will ask me why that person over there is giving us dirty looks. I hope I don’t cringe too much.

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