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Five Senses, Why We Need Them

I love the smell of lilacs in the afternoon. I love the taste of hot fudge on vanilla ice cream. I love the feel of freshly landered sheets. I love the sound of my grandaughter’s laughter. I love the sight of a sunrise after an overnight thunderstorm. Our senses are the way we experience the … Continue reading

Excuse me? Did You Say Hokey?

A reader asked me about a word I used in my introductory post.  “Did you mean to call yourself hokey?” Yep.  I said I’m hokey. If you have never heard that word, well…here’s your word for today. I grew up with a bunch of boys. I was the only girl in the neighborhood and I stood … Continue reading

Is it a Gadget or a Gizmo?

Hand me that thingamabob over there. If you had a dad who had a workshop in the basement, or the garage, then you probably heard this phrase a lot.  I know I did. And, I think my dad assumed I had psychic abilities.  I didn’t.  And my tool naming skills never quite made it above … Continue reading

Are You Coming or Going?

Today is a Play with Words post. Do you know what week this is? It’s Palindrome Week! Look at the dates:     4-11-14        4-12-14        4-13-14        4-14-14        4-15-14       4-16-14        4-17-14        4-18-14       4-19-14 Now look at them without the dashes: 41114      41214      41314     41414     41514     41614     41714     41814     41914 Reads the same backwards and forwards.  Which is the … Continue reading

What Secret Ingredient Should You Use in Your Writing?

What is the reason you write? To sell? To amuse? To generate a mailing list? All of the above? You want your readers to keep coming back to your site. Or continue to read your books. So you spend valuable time at the keyboard.  Writing. Thinking. Writing. Until you come up with a great piece. … Continue reading

Do You Have the Question?

Pop Culture alert! Do you know what has a 50th anniversary today? On March 30 in 1964 the most popular * quiz show on American TV debuted. The category is: WORDS The answer is: danger of loss, harm, or failure The question is: What is JEOPARDY? Did you bet more than $1.00? Yay! You’re today’s … Continue reading

Are You Irish? Or Celtic?…And What’s the Difference?

The word Celtic has a much bigger connotation than a person from Ireland. There are people with Celtic heritage all over the world. So if your family came from Ireland…yes, you are a Celt. But if you’re from western France? Or northern Portugal? Yep, you may be Celtic! And Scotland, Wales, and England?  Definitely.  There … Continue reading

Sing Your Song

I’m sitting here listening to a PBS special on Bob Dylan. Lots of different people are singing Dylan’s songs. It occurs to me that songs are a way of seeing inside a person’s soul.  What he thinks, what she believes, how I feel about the world. Everyone has a song. Sometimes I put music to … Continue reading

Who Ya Gonna Call…Ghostwriter!

I’m ghostwriting an Ebook. This is a drastic statement for me, because as a lot of my friends know, I really want to be an author. I have many books in my head that just haven’t gotten onto the paper….Yet.  I have no doubt they will someday.  But in the meantime, I’m ghostwriting an Ebook. … Continue reading

Virus – Just As Bad As You Thought

The word virus is in the news again today. Nothing to do with computers, though.  This one is an ancient, unknown-until-now specimen.  Found in the Siberian permafrost, scientists have found that it kills amoebas. Dun-da-DUN-dun! The news story I read, here Giant Virus Resurrected from Permafrost After 30,000 Years, says that it doesn’t infect multi-cell … Continue reading

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