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What’s Going On?

I’m blogging again, however, on a different site. The new blog is called wanderingthroughretirement.com and it’s about my new adventures. I’m still writing and books are being published. However, since I retired from my day job, I’ve been in traveling mode. Come on over and see .

Good News and Bad News

Bad News First The Word Love blog is shutting down. If you have been following me, Thank You. I appreciate all the votes of confidence. Good News EJG Research is not going away. I plan to continue the business in a different form. if you want to keep in touch regarding my writing projects, you … Continue reading

Wanderlust: A romantic notion or a way of life?

A strong desire to travel. A love of the open road. A yearning to get up and go. All these phrases describe a word that comes from Middle High German. Wandern (to hike) and Lust (desire) eventually were loosely translated into English as “enjoyment of roaming about.” “Got to find my corner of the sky” … Continue reading

The Majesty in a Mountain

Driving through the Rocky Mountains, I think I can finally grasp the true meaning of the word majestic. You know that feeling of fullness when you see a gorgeous sunrise? Yeah, it’s like that. Majesty is the quality of being impressive and great. Works for royalty, and for mountains. “Originally, during the Roman republic, the … Continue reading

A Little Help Please

Have you ever had the dreaded “writer’s block?”  That difficult-to-define mood you get into when you just can’t seem to find any words that go together. I can see why it’s called the writer’s worst nightmare. Here I am again, trying to find a reason to create a blog post. Sometimes it’s really hard to … Continue reading

Is it a Gadget or a Gizmo?

Hand me that thingamabob over there. If you had a dad who had a workshop in the basement, or the garage, then you probably heard this phrase a lot.  I know I did. And, I think my dad assumed I had psychic abilities.  I didn’t.  And my tool naming skills never quite made it above … Continue reading

Introducing the Trivia Tribe

Just a quick note to let you know about the new community we have here at Word Love.  It’s called the Trivia Tribe.  Why? Read this page.  You can sign up for the weekly reader email.  There’s no hidden fees.  No hidden fats.  No hidden messages.    

What’s the Difference Between Retro and Vintage?

Throw back Thursdays are a recent meme going around the web. On any Thursday you’re supposed to show an old picture of yourself or something else from your past. I’m not sure if you are then supposed to laugh at the old clothes and hair styles, or just commiserate with your friends that you ever … Continue reading

Facebook Page!

EJG Research now has a page on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/ejgresearch The page is devoted to trivia. If you’re a trivia fan, please join in the discussions. I would love to hear from you. I’ll be running Trivia Quiz games several times a week. Come and play!

We Are the Maintenance Crew for our Spaceship

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” ~ Marshall McLuhan We take care of things we love. Our shoes, our cat, our phone. Conserving these things is essential to happiness. Conservation is the careful utilization of something that results in the preservation of it’s integrity. And yet, when we think about … Continue reading

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