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How To Earn Money on the Street

Oh! Not THAT way.   I’m talking about busking. Are you a busker? A busker, according to buskercentral.com, is a person who performs an art in public places for donations of money. They have been known as many things throughout history: troubadours, minstrels, bards. They appear in a variety of forms: street singers, sidewalk artists, … Continue reading

Is Alchemy Real?

  What do you think of when you see the word alchemy?  Potions. Sorceresses. Wizards. Magic. Yes, fantasy uses the notion of alchemy to conjure up scenes of intrigue and mystical goings-on. But what if it’s true…that we can change one thing into another? Well, don’t we do that ALL THE TIME? Have you ever … Continue reading

Sing Your Song

I’m sitting here listening to a PBS special on Bob Dylan. Lots of different people are singing Dylan’s songs. It occurs to me that songs are a way of seeing inside a person’s soul.  What he thinks, what she believes, how I feel about the world. Everyone has a song. Sometimes I put music to … Continue reading

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