What EJG Research Can Do For You

EJG Research is a writing services business. It is a home-based, sole proprietorship owned by Elizabeth Gross.  It is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.

I spent 40 years in offices working as an administrative. Assistant, including secretarial and receptionist duties. Thirty years were in the senior housing field. I have extensive experience in

* creating newsletters, calendars, reports, brochures, websites, and other miscellaneous media

* proofreading and editing

* customer service and hospitality

I am now retired so I am available 24/7. I prefer remote work as I do a lot of traveling.

I have a side gig called Easy Resource which involves creating content. and doing internet research.

I have authored and self-published 4 books.

I do work at Fiverr.

If you would like to discuss a project with me directly, please submit your contact information below:


The business offers the following services:

Trivia My Way

Personal trivia collections for which you choose the subject

Internet Research

A full range of result-oriented research, including source identification and content analysis with written reports

Content Creation

Creation of written material for blogs, newsletters, periodical articles, marketing materials, and websites.


I Belong to the Following Organizations

Freelancers Union

American Writers and Artists, Inc.

Or you can purchase articles written by me at the following job sites


Constant Content 



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