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Good News and Bad News

Bad News First
The Word Love blog is shutting down.
If you have been following me, Thank You. I appreciate all the votes of confidence.

Good News
EJG Research is not going away.
I plan to continue the business in a different form. if you want to keep in touch regarding my writing projects, you can still find me on Facebook, and via ejgresearch@gmail.com.

Reasons Behind the Change
I’ve been talking about retiring quite a bit lately. Well, I’ve decided that sooner is better. My target date for leaving the day job is June 2016 June/July 2017. I will be buying a RV and traveling while I write.

Researching (Yes! I do it for myself, too) what kind of RV, all the issues about owning and operating one, retirement investments, Social Security, etc. is taking up all my time right now. Also, since I will be full timing, I am figuring out how to get rid of all my stuff.

So some things I do had to go. Word Love is one of them.

Thanks again for reading my ramblings. I enjoyed it and maybe someday I’ll take it up again. In the meantime, like the Dixie Chicks, I’ll be “Taking the Long Way Around.”

About ejgresearch

As soon as I retired I hit the road. I am now a nomad traveling the USA in a minivan. This blog is my travelogue / journal about those travels.


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