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Are You Coming or Going?

Today is a Play with Words post.

Do you know what week this is?

It’s Palindrome Week!

Look at the dates:     4-11-14        4-12-14        4-13-14        4-14-14        4-15-14       4-16-14        4-17-14        4-18-14       4-19-14

Now look at them without the dashes: 41114      41214      41314     41414     41514     41614     41714     41814     41914

Reads the same backwards and forwards.  Which is the definition of …a…say it with me….palindrome.

radar        boob        Able  was I ere I saw Elba.

(Yes it is, read it backwards)

(Supposedly Napoleon said it when he was exiled there)

(You’re welcome)

OK, your turn!           Put ’em in the comments.


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I was that kid who loved phonics. Words became my hobby, reading and writing, and now they are my profession. I do research and content writing. If you love words as much as I do. I think you'll enjoy this blog. I'll be exploring the origins and current interpretations of words. One post at a time.


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