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We Are the Maintenance Crew for our Spaceship

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” ~ Marshall McLuhan

We take care of things we love. Our shoes, our cat, our phone. Conserving these things is essential to happiness. Conservation is the careful utilization of something that results in the preservation of it’s integrity.

And yet, when we think about our planet, do we think we need to take care of it? Or do we assume other people are doing that for us? The environmentalists. The Sierra Club. The crazy, hippy, tree-huggers.

Mother Earth. That’s the way we should think of our home planet. Treat her with respect. She’s the only planet we’ve got. (For now) We need to conserve her resources.

Which means:  no draining the wetlands……..no cutting down the rainforest……..no killing endangered species

Yeah, yeah, I hear you mumbling. So what can I do besides pick up litter?

You could support any number of conservation groups that do the ground work. (yes it’s a pun, I can’t help it, it’s hereditary). It doesn’t have to be monetary support. Emotional and philosophical support is great, too.

There are online ways to be a friend to our planetary home. There is a Support App on Facebook that you can use for all sorts of organizations. Or you could actually go to the website of an organization and sign up for a newsletter. You may learn something new. And knowledge really is power.

So as we get close to Earth Day, remember to show respect and love for the earth. I remember last year when I took my two oldest grandchildren to an Earth Day festival. We had fun, I found out about some new groups that peaked my interest, and they gained a greater appreciation for conservation.

Let’s teach our children to be protectors of the earth.

Or do you have a different opinion?



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