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20 Moments in Antiquity

Wow, you’re OLD! This from my 5-year-old grandson when he asked me if I ever watched black & white TV. (the answer was yes)   (and I was 57 at the time)  (so…um…yeah…) I don’t feel old. And age is what you feel, right? When you’re done reading this post, leave a comment about how old you … Continue reading

How To Earn Money on the Street

Oh! Not THAT way.   I’m talking about busking. Are you a busker? A busker, according to buskercentral.com, is a person who performs an art in public places for donations of money. They have been known as many things throughout history: troubadours, minstrels, bards. They appear in a variety of forms: street singers, sidewalk artists, … Continue reading

Is it a Gadget or a Gizmo?

Hand me that thingamabob over there. If you had a dad who had a workshop in the basement, or the garage, then you probably heard this phrase a lot.  I know I did. And, I think my dad assumed I had psychic abilities.  I didn’t.  And my tool naming skills never quite made it above … Continue reading

Are You Coming or Going?

Today is a Play with Words post. Do you know what week this is? It’s Palindrome Week! Look at the dates:     4-11-14        4-12-14        4-13-14        4-14-14        4-15-14       4-16-14        4-17-14        4-18-14       4-19-14 Now look at them without the dashes: 41114      41214      41314     41414     41514     41614     41714     41814     41914 Reads the same backwards and forwards.  Which is the … Continue reading

Introducing the Trivia Tribe

Just a quick note to let you know about the new community we have here at Word Love.  It’s called the Trivia Tribe.  Why? Read this page.  You can sign up for the weekly reader email.  There’s no hidden fees.  No hidden fats.  No hidden messages.    

What’s the Difference Between Retro and Vintage?

Throw back Thursdays are a recent meme going around the web. On any Thursday you’re supposed to show an old picture of yourself or something else from your past. I’m not sure if you are then supposed to laugh at the old clothes and hair styles, or just commiserate with your friends that you ever … Continue reading

Is Alchemy Real?

  What do you think of when you see the word alchemy?  Potions. Sorceresses. Wizards. Magic. Yes, fantasy uses the notion of alchemy to conjure up scenes of intrigue and mystical goings-on. But what if it’s true…that we can change one thing into another? Well, don’t we do that ALL THE TIME? Have you ever … Continue reading

What Secret Ingredient Should You Use in Your Writing?

What is the reason you write? To sell? To amuse? To generate a mailing list? All of the above? You want your readers to keep coming back to your site. Or continue to read your books. So you spend valuable time at the keyboard.  Writing. Thinking. Writing. Until you come up with a great piece. … Continue reading

Facebook Page!

EJG Research now has a page on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/ejgresearch The page is devoted to trivia. If you’re a trivia fan, please join in the discussions. I would love to hear from you. I’ll be running Trivia Quiz games several times a week. Come and play!

Frustration AKA Arrrggghhhh!

Too many chocolates. Not enough stripes. And those friggin’ bombs! I hate those bombs! Yeah, you all know what I’m talking about. That all time frustration generator Candy Crush. The game we love to hate. Frustration is that feeling of helpless exasperation. It causes huge sighs, clenched teeth, a furrowed brow, and pulled-out hair. A … Continue reading

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