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Who Ya Gonna Call…Ghostwriter!

I’m ghostwriting an Ebook. This is a drastic statement for me, because as a lot of my friends know, I really want to be an author. I have many books in my head that just haven’t gotten onto the paper….Yet.  I have no doubt they will someday.  But in the meantime, I’m ghostwriting an Ebook.

This freelancing thing I started doing is a means to an end.  As I’ve said in another post, retirement should be a happy, leisurely time, and it’s not going to be unless I bulk up my retirement income. So…here I am writing for other people.

Ghostwriting is when a writer writes a book, an article, a song, a resumé, whatever, and another person, who is not a writer, takes authorship. Lots of celebrities have their “autobiography” ghostwritten. Sometimes they give the writer credit, sometimes not. A lot of songs you think are written by the performer who sings them, aren’t. Do you seriously think every word on every corporation website was written by the website owner? Think again, my friend.

Now why would anyone hire a ghostwriter? For an expert opinion, read this. It’s by Denise Rutledge who has a website called Writing As A Ghost. She gives some pretty compelling reasons.

So, is ghostwriting a flat-out lie? Is it even ethical?  I don’t know.  I don’t consider it lying myself. If the guy (my client) wants to claim it as his own, it’s OK by me cause, hey…I’m getting paid to do it.

If I sound mercenary, well, alright, maybe I am.  But as I get older, I realize that having money is much more preferable than wanting money. So……

.I’m ghostwriting an Ebook.

Let me know if you like what I’m doing here.  Are words your thing?  Am I the only one? Please read this post and vote for your favorite kind of words.

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As soon as I retired I hit the road. I am now a nomad traveling the USA in a minivan. This blog is my travelogue / journal about those travels.


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