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Virus – Just As Bad As You Thought

The word virus is in the news again today. Nothing to do with computers, though.  This one is an ancient, unknown-until-now specimen.  Found in the Siberian permafrost, scientists have found that it kills amoebas. Dun-da-DUN-dun!

The news story I read, here Giant Virus Resurrected from Permafrost After 30,000 Years, says that it doesn’t infect multi-cell organisms (of which humans are one). But am I paranoid in thinking that it does not say HOW they know that?

The gist of the article is that we really don’t know if these long-dormant virions can bring back disease that killed Neanderthals. And that there may be other menacing contagions lurking under the melting ice and snow that the impending climate change will bring to the surface. And that It could bring about a pandemic apocalypse.  Although, to be fair, according to the article, most scientists disagree.

And anyway, we’re much smarter than Neanderthals.

Aren’t we?

A virus is an ultra-microscopic infectious agent that replicates in the cells of living hosts,  such as plants, animals, and bacteria. It can cause disease, even death.

Okay, so we know that we should protect ourselves from viral infections. Hand washing, wearing masks, eating healthy, getting exercise, and all that, will help.  But if a virus wants to git ‘cha, it will.  They are vicious little buggers.

What can a virus infect you with? They range from the Common Cold, and Flu,to Ebola, West Nile, and HIV. Antibiotics DO NOT kill viruses. That’s important to know.  Don’t try to get well by insisting your doctor pump you up with them. Instead, you need to get immunized every year for the flu, rest and drink fluids for a cold, and get to a doctor for anything you may suspect is really serious.

Also, if you have a viral infection, try to stay away from people. You do not want to be known as “the idiot that spread the flu all over the office.”

Need more information?  Try my sources: dictionary.com. and  How Stuff Works.

And then tell me in comments what you think of this ancient disease alarm.

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