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It’s Political

Beware. This post is a bit of a rant.

What a world! Chaos, anger, dissension, all around.  And it’s all political!

I ‘m so tired of politics.  What are they anyway? Let’s see…  according to .Dictionary.com, politics is:

◊  The science or art of political government.    Science? Art? Aren’t these things what some politicians are trying to get rid of?

◊  Political affairs     Well there certainly are a lot of those.

◊  Political methods or maneuvers.   Hmmm, maneuvers are like manipulations, right?

◊  Political principles or opinions    And where can we find the most opinionated people?  Uh-huh.

Of course, there are politics everywhere, not just in government.  School, office, even your home. Oh you don’t think so?  Who’s the boss, really? (And yes, the baby is eligible for this)

Politics can be a good thing, when everyone involved sticks with the rules of debate and gives all concerned a change to participate. But show me where that is happening.  No,  Really, if you know of a great organization that runs smoothly, let us know.  Leave a comment. We can all do with some good role models.

OK, I’ll stop reading the news now and go back to my biography of Liz Taylor.

(No “politics” there, heh?)

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As soon as I retired I hit the road. I am now a nomad traveling the USA in a minivan. This blog is my travelogue / journal about those travels.


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