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Do You Have the Question?

Pop Culture alert! Do you know what has a 50th anniversary today? On March 30 in 1964 the most popular * quiz show on American TV debuted. The category is: WORDS The answer is: danger of loss, harm, or failure The question is: What is JEOPARDY? Did you bet more than $1.00? Yay! You’re today’s … Continue reading

It’s Never Too Late to Change

“It is never too late to be what you might have been” ~ George Eliot This has been my personal mantra ever since I ht 50. I am going to be what I want to be. Change is Good.We all do it, whether we want to or not.But knowing that you want to, and knowing … Continue reading

Because I’m Happy!

Yes.  I admit it.  I have been watching Pharrell Williams’ 24-hour video of his Academy Award nominated song “Happy.” It’s a joy to see so many different people in so many different places dancing in their own way. See…the world CAN be happy. At least for the length of a song. And when did we … Continue reading

Are You Irish? Or Celtic?…And What’s the Difference?

The word Celtic has a much bigger connotation than a person from Ireland. There are people with Celtic heritage all over the world. So if your family came from Ireland…yes, you are a Celt. But if you’re from western France? Or northern Portugal? Yep, you may be Celtic! And Scotland, Wales, and England?  Definitely.  There … Continue reading

Do Ya Feel Lucky?

       I was browsing the web in celebration of it’s birthday (25 years on March 12), and came across this website:The National Day Calendar. It lists all kind of National Days.Some are real holidays. A lot of them are just fun. March 13 is National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day. Have you ever heard that … Continue reading

It’s Simply Complicated

I keep thinking this is a really relevant quote.  But OMG, life just is not simple at all! It’s hard, it’s messy, it’s sad.   I want to shake it by it’s neck sometimes and demand it get better. Simplicity. The word is almost elegant, isn’t it?.And if you haven’t been following along, here’s some thoughts … Continue reading

Sing Your Song

I’m sitting here listening to a PBS special on Bob Dylan. Lots of different people are singing Dylan’s songs. It occurs to me that songs are a way of seeing inside a person’s soul.  What he thinks, what she believes, how I feel about the world. Everyone has a song. Sometimes I put music to … Continue reading

Who Ya Gonna Call…Ghostwriter!

I’m ghostwriting an Ebook. This is a drastic statement for me, because as a lot of my friends know, I really want to be an author. I have many books in my head that just haven’t gotten onto the paper….Yet.  I have no doubt they will someday.  But in the meantime, I’m ghostwriting an Ebook. … Continue reading

Virus – Just As Bad As You Thought

The word virus is in the news again today. Nothing to do with computers, though.  This one is an ancient, unknown-until-now specimen.  Found in the Siberian permafrost, scientists have found that it kills amoebas. Dun-da-DUN-dun! The news story I read, here Giant Virus Resurrected from Permafrost After 30,000 Years, says that it doesn’t infect multi-cell … Continue reading

My Backstory (a temporary departure from the words thing)

People have asked me why, at the age of 59, did I decide to start a second career of freelance writing. Basically, the answer is, so that my retirement doesn’t end up being dollar microwave meals and second-hand magazines. A few years ago, I finally sat down and looked at my retirement reality. I saw … Continue reading

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