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Word Love

I was one of those kids who loved phonics.  Sounding out words was fun for me. (I still like to look at a name and figure out how to pronounce it.) My main interests became reading and writing. Mostly reading up until a few years ago.  That’s when I decided to start a home-based business.

I researched it a bit and found that I should ask myself this question: “What to you like to do?”  “Well,” I said to myself, “i like to read.  And write. And web surf.” “OK,” myself replied.  “Can you make money doing that?”  “I don’t know”, I said.  “Let’s find out!”

Yes.  I am hokey.  And if you don’t know what that word means, stay tuned.  It’ll come up later.

So I started a business doing internet research and computer instruction.  Taught a few classes.  Had a few customers.  But I wasn’t doing very well.

“No motivation,” myself whispers.  (“Shut up,” I say.)

So I did some more self-research, and decided that writing was what i enjoyed most.  The reports, the class syllabuses, the advertising copy.  And “Bazinga!”  (Why, yes, I do.) Content writing became my new modus operandi.

Resulting in this new business called EJG Research. EJG is me. I kept the research part because that’s what I do to find what to write. And all the cool names with the word “write” in them seem to be taken. And no, I won’t tell you my middle name unless you buy me dinner.

So here on this blog, I will attempt to show you how much I love words. And some of the other pages will help you hire me as a content writer/researcher.  You’ll find lots of information, when I actually write those other pages, like contact details, and mission statement, pricing data, and yada, yada, yada…is there a copyright on that term?

In the meantime….

This blog will be a compilation of words.  What they mean.  How they are used.  The history of the word.  Maybe even a definition.

One word per post. Maybe one per day.  Maybe two.  Maybe three or four a week. But I do promise to keep blogging until you all get sick of me. Or my fingers cramp.  Whichever comes first.

About ejgresearch

As soon as I retired I hit the road. I am now a nomad traveling the USA in a minivan. This blog is my travelogue / journal about those travels.


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